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THERMAL SPRING WATER TREATMENT At the heart of your skincare routine

Combine the Spray and treatments for more efficiency.

Here are four good reasons to make Eau Thermale Spray a bathroom essential for everyday use. It strengthens the skin barrier and optimises the effectiveness of your treatments and makeup products. 

Boost the effect of your treatments

After showering, spray Avène Thermal Spring Water generously on your face (and also on your body).

This will neutralise the harmful effects of limescale and chlorine that tend to tighten the skin, restore its protective barrier and prepare it to receive the active ingredients of your usual skincare products. As soon as your skin is dry, immediately apply your moisturising cream or a more targeted treatment. This will strengthen your skin's moisture content. Your skin will be more radiant and, above all, more supple. It will be more resistant to heat or cold, less susceptible to acne and will heal faster.

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A trick for long-lasting makeup

Immediately after spraying a mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water, gently massage your face to impregnate the upper layer of your skin.

Then, pat away the excess with a tissue just before applying your moisturiser and various makeup products.   This will make your complexion more radiant. And, to ensure that your makeup stays on perfectly until the evening, simply spray Thermal Spring Water about 20 cm from your face – don't forget the facial contours as these are the areas that will be touched the most during the day! Then, leave it to dry. As it evaporates, the Thermal Spring Water will fix your makeup.

When I wake up, my skin feels dry. In just one second the Thermal Spring Water Spray gives me instant comfort and all day long I have a radiant complexion.

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Look after your eyes

The eye area and the eyelids are undoubtedly the most fragile areas of the face. The skin here is very thin and is prone to stress, and fatigue lines and repeated wrinkling.

To give it all the softness it needs, here’s a simple mini eye contour treatment. Soak cotton pads with Avène Thermal Spring Water and place them on your eyelids for a few minutes.

Makeup removal: let's review the basics

This step is essential. Because if the skin is not properly cleansed of makeup and impurities from the day, the pores can become clogged and your skin can lose radiance.

 So we advise that before removing your makeup, you use Avène Thermal Spring Water to reinforce the feeling of softness and freshness on your face. Once you have removed your makeup, apply a generous spray of Avène Thermal Spring Water, then massage and dry your face gently to perfect your makeup removal.

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