Whether it's a body cream, foot cream or leg cream, regularly applying a body moisturiser is essential for keeping your skin beautiful and comforted each day. Discover our body care products.

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Why use a body cream?

Skin is constantly subjected to external aggressors such as friction, temperature variations and exposure to the sun. The hydrolipidic film that forms the skin barrier and protects our body from the outside world becomes impaired. This results in imperfections and concerns such as dry skin, spots, itching, red spots and patches, tightness, etc.  

The role of body creams, just like face creams, is, therefore, to reinforce the hydrolipidic film and provide the missing nourishment. This is a preventive measure against certain dermatological conditions which can be caused by dehydration, and also against skin ageing.

As an added bonus, body creams strengthen the epidermis for seasonal changes by reducing skin dryness, enhancing a tan, and leaving the skin silky smooth.

Which body cream should I choose?

The choice of body cream depends of course on the needs of the individual skin type. Body care will differ for dry skin compared to oily skin on the back. Your imperfections and concerns also guide your choice of cream.

  • The Xeracalm A.D. Lipid-Replenishing Cream soothes sensitive and dry skin prone to atopic eczema and itching. Its fragrance-free and Sterile Cosmetics formulation minimises the risk of allergic reactions.
  • The Cicalfate Repairing Protective Cream is suitable for irritated skin, minor burns and scars.

If you’re in doubt about the right cream for you, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist or dermatologist for advice.

Other parameters can be taken into account when choosing your body cream:

  • The area of the body to be treated: our products can also be used as foot creams, and we have developed adapted to the numerous stresses to which they may be subjected.
  • The season: the Cold Cream Cream has been formulated to withstand water and cold weather, to protect the whole family in winter. It may also be suitable for dry skin all year round, especially on localised areas of the body.

Discover also other body care textures such as , body lotion, care skincare oil, all with specific actions (nourishing, enveloping, nourishing, etc.).

If you’re planning to go out in the sun or simply take a walk in the sun and the UV index is higher than two, then replace your nourishing or moisturising cream with a  with an SPF adapted to your skin tone.

How do you apply your body cream?

Body creams should be applied regularly, even daily, to clean skin. In other words, do it after your shower, morning and/or evening. Make sure you choose a shower gel that is suitable for your skin's needs.

To increase the benefits of the body cream, we recommend using a body scrub once a week.

Apply the moisturising cream all over the body, concentrating on rough or dry areas. Be sure to massage it gently into the surface of the skin to improve absorption and promote blood circulation.

Complete your body beauty routine with a fine spritz of, soothing and anti-irritating, Thermal Spring Water before applying your body cream. This will enhance the effectiveness of your body care products.

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