Protecting the future.

Sun Care

Protecting the future.

The sun is our ally when it comes to staying healthy.
Its role in bone calcification and its positive effects on our well-being make the sun an essential part of our lives. But it can also be our worst enemy just as much as our best friend. When it comes to the sun, it's all about the right amount and, of course, protection!

That’s why, for more than 30 years, Eau Thermale Avène has been committed to offering the best in photoprotection to protect sensitive skin and preserve the health of all skin types. Find the right sun protection for you to enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

New face range

The first ultra-broad spectrum UVB-UVA short ray, UVA long ray and blue light filter¹ up to 450nm

  • -95% of cell damage is caused by blue light²
  • -72% of pigment spots caused by blue light³

A patented Eau Thermale Avène filtering system that enhances the skin's level of protection against photo ageing due to the sun's blue light, thus offering a very high standard of protection against deep and visible skin damage.




Intense Protect 50+

  • Ultra Broad UVA-UVB-HEV (BLUE LIGHT) protection
  • Even lower concentration of sun filters

Intense Protect 50+ is the highest standard in the global sun protection market!
Combining very high protection and very high tolerance, Intense Protect 50+ is suitable for the most vulnerable skin, as well as skin exposed to the most intense sunlight conditions. Optimal safety without compromising on efficiency!




Designed for sensitive skin

  • Very broad-spectrum UVA-UVB protection
  • No impact on marine biodiversity*

Whether your skin is dry or oily, and whether you love small or large size products, you’re sure to find the right sun care for you (and your family) in the Orange range – so you can relax this summer! And all the more knowing that our products have no impact on the marine environment*!

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The European Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Eau Thermale Avène Sun Care products for the quality of their sun protection.

Professor STOCKFLETH,Founder of the European Skin Cancer Foundation

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Providing the best protection for your skin shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet! Today, we’re just as concerned about what's happening under the surface of the oceans as we are about what’s happening on the surface of your skin, and this dual concern is at the heart of our commitments. 

For several years, we’ve been committed to an environmentally responsible approach to formulating skincare products that offer very high UVA-UVB protection with minimal impact on marine biodiversity*.

We are proud to introduce you to our Skin Protect Ocean Respect approach.


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High safety sun protection for sensitive skin

  • 100% mineral & fragrance-free formula
  • Broad spectrum UVA-UVB-HEV protection

Our Mineral range demonstrates 30 years of expertise in intolerant skin and photoprotection from Eau Thermale Avène Laboratories. Highly safe and offering broad-spectrum UVA-UVB-HEV protection, our sun care products composed of 100% mineral filters are a tailor-made solution for skin that's intolerant to chemical filters and fragrances.


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Your skin

Your skin

Sunless tanning

We all dream of enjoying the sun and getting a healthy glow without the sun's harmful effects. But is it really possible to tan sunless, in the shade, or in the middle of winter? Yes, thanks to self-tan! But you need to choose wisely... and apply it well! Instructions for use

Can you tan without the sun?
Your skin

Your skin

Soothe your skin after sun exposure

Skin exposed to the sun is fragile and even weakened. How to take care of your skin after being out in the sun There are several essential steps to take which have two purposes: protecting you during sun exposure and moisturising afterwards.

How to soothe your skin after sun exposure


Innovations to protect your health

For 30 years, we’ve been putting sun care products at the heart of our innovation to improve efficacy, tolerance and comfort. 

Our unique Sunsitive® protection combines a patented filtering system with photostable, water-resistant UVA-UVB protection and a unique antioxidant complex for complete cellular protection. All of this combined with the benefits of Avène thermal spring water, known for over 60 years for its soothing, anti-irritating and softening properties.

The effectiveness of each of our Avène Thermal Spring Water Sun Care products is proven by numerous in vitro and in vivo studies. In particular, we have conducted a clinical study under real-life conditions, which has demonstrated a powerful DNA-protective effect**. We are also committed to working with patients, health professionals and the European Skin Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of the dangers of the sun and prevent the risk of skin cancer.



The best of our laboratory research

When it comes to sun protection, Avène Thermal Spring Water Suncare has always been a pioneer: we were the first to produce anti-UVA filters and the first photostable UVB filters.

Today, our Research & Development teams are taking a decisive step forward with the creation of TriAsorB™, the first Pierre Fabre sun filter. Above all, TriAsorB™ is the first sun filter with exceptional photoprotection, extended to a highly dangerous part of the sun's radiation: high-energy visible blue light.

This is a huge step forward for current and future generations who need confidence in effective, safe care more than ever.


av_sun care_mini-site_triasorb_473x473px


Do you have a question or concern? We’re always here for you

We know some of the risks (and the list is long): sunburn, allergies, skin ageing, reduction of sun capital, cancer... But we sometimes ignore the reasons, although they are crucial. UVB-UVA radiation as well as the high-energy blue light that we absorb during prolonged exposure causes real skin damage. UVB rays do not penetrate far beyond the epidermis, whereas UVA rays penetrate more deeply. Their damage is therefore less visible and can be detected in the long term. As an extension of UVA, blue HEV light causes deep cellular damage to the skin over the long term by attacking all the cellular components: lipids, proteins and DNA.

The mineral suncare range, which has no fragrance or chemical filters. It's the perfect balance between sun protection and optimal skin tolerance.

We make it a point of honour to protect your skin and respect the environment. Our products are formulated with a minimum of non-water soluble sunscreens, without silicone for optimal biodegradability, and without any impact on coral*, zooplankton* and phyptoplankton* in order to respect marine biodiversity. Not to mention that all the ingredients we use have been carefully selected by scientific experts to meet three objectives: safety, effectiveness and tolerance. They are chosen and perfectly balanced to create the best for you (and for the oceans)!

*Study conducted by the Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-Mer (Banyuls-sur-Mer Ocean Observatory), a member of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre. **Lim HW et al. Current challenges in photoprotection. J AM Acad Dermatol. 2017 Mar;76(351) 591-599. Young AR et al. Sub-optimal Application of a High SPF Sunscreen Prevents Epidermal DNA Damage in-vivo. Acta Derm Venered. 2018 Oct 10;98(9):880-887.

(1) First Pierre Fabre filter. 
(2) Quantification of DNA damage (cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers, CPD) by LC/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry) analysis following acute solar UV exposure. 
(3) In vivo study conducted with Tinted Fluid SPF 50+ on 16 subjects

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