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Scar healing and skin rashes: the wonder of skin repair


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scar healing occurs in three main stages.


million people develop new scars every year.*

21 days

is the average length of time it takes for the skin to renew.

*B.C. Brown a,b, S.P. McKenna v, K. Siddhi v, D.A. McGrouther a,b, A. Bayat a,b,*The hidden cost of skin scars: quality of life after skin scarring.

Moving through life means allowing the fragile yet robust sheath of our skin to come up against the hazards of everyday life: a knife slipping while you're cooking, falling in the playground, DIY that ends badly... When faced with small injuries as well as larger ones, the skin triggers a precision mechanism and one of the most remarkable properties of human tissue: scar healing.

Scar healing is the process of repairing skin tissue in three stages:
• An inflammatory phase lasting 2 to 7 days, during which your skin, which appears red and hot, will defend itself. If the inflammation is too intense, medical interventions will be necessary.
• A deep healing phase during which the dermal tissues regenerate by forming fleshy buds: proliferations rich in vessels and cells.
• Finally, after around two weeks, a superficial phase begins called “epidermal remodelling,” where the epidermis closes around the edges of the wound. This phase can last up to two years from the time the wound is formed.

And as well as wounds that trigger this protective mechanism, there are other recurring forms of aggression that your skin encounters: skin rashes, of which there are many causes, recurrences, locations and forms, and they can vary from one individual to another. When it comes to scar healing and skin rashes, there are plenty of ways to help your skin get to work repairing itself. If you give your skin some attention, care and, above all, time, it will do the rest. 


The low down

Help your skin and your skin will help you

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Scar healing: When your skin is injured, the natural healing process starts automatically. If the initial " wound " was deep, the closure results in the rapid repair of the epidermis, but the appearance is not exactly that of normal skin: a scar is left behind. The scar will improve, reshape itself over time, and may even disappear completely one day, several months after it has formed. In some rare cases, there can be real healing problems. By taking up the right habits to care for your scars from the start, you can encourage your skin in this delicate process of “ proper scar healing ”, giving yourself the best chance of fast, good quality skin repair. Your mantra to achieve this also applies to acne scars, tattoos and post-surgery scars: prevention is better than cure.

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irritation: Irritated skin is skin crying out for help . Irritation is the first alarm to signal the intrusion of a foreign body: a particle, food, friction... Although harmless, irritation is a source of discomfort and embarrassment that can seep into your daily life. Some forms of irritation only affect the smallest children, as is the case with chickenpox and nappy rash. Then there are the various types of irritation that we encounter in everyday life. Whatever form of irritation you have, you need to take it seriously if you want to care for your skin and move forward.

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