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Your skin feels irritated. Okay, but what’s the cause?

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There's a solution for every skin rash

Skin rashes are part of daily life. Clothes or skin rubbing, cold, sun, wind, irritating products, bacteria,... There are so many factors that can harm your skin. These aggressors alter the skin barrier, which can no longer fulfill its usual functions of protection and hydration regulation. Of course, the solution will differ depending on the type of rash. But you can always give your skin a helping hand to repair itself with the right care and treatment. 

A few words from our expert

Certain factors can trigger or worsen over-sensitivity in your skin: this is when your skin reacts strongly where you would prefer it not to. Skin rashes can be a source of great physical and psychological discomfort, so it's not something we want to suffer through. It's important to identify the cause of irritation to identify the appropriate treatment.

What causes contact irritation and how to treat it

Have you ever heard of contact irritation ("contact dermatitis" for those in the know!)? We’ve all experienced it at some point. This is a type of skin inflammation linked to an external factor:  climate, friction, shaving, products that the skin cannot tolerate (creams, household cleaners, detergent, etc.).
Your skin becomes red, accompanied by mild itching.
The skin can be painful, tight, tingling and sometimes itchy, especially if your skin rash is due to an allergic reaction. Ready to soothe your skin?

Tips for relieving your skin rash 

  • Identify the irritant and eliminate it.
  • Clean your skin with a mild, soap-free product.
  • Apply a suitable skin care product that your skin can tolerate and which has a strong moisturising effect. If your skin rash is oozing, opt instead for a drying formula. 
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It’s important to act quickly. But how?


• Help the skin to repair itself: opt for a treatment that combines copper and zinc for antibacterial and antifungal action.

• Don’t scratch: this delays skin repair and can leave unsightly marks.

• You don't play around with your health... So don't play around with your skin: we recommend consulting a pharmacist or a doctor if you have any concerns. Some rashes may require follow-up care.


When stress leaves its mark on your skin

The stress your experience is never trivial. It triggers a myriad of reactions in your body - and your skin doesn't get off lightly! If you’re prone to skin rashes and problems, stress may exacerbate them.
If this is the case for you, your priority is to get to the source: try to identify the cause of your stress in order to find solutions that work for you to manage it. Sport, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, cooking, sewing or origami... There are so many ways to ease your tension. Find the one that speaks to you. Your skin will thank you for it! It's worth the effort, isn't it?

The right steps to take care of baby's bottom

The right steps to take care of baby's bottom

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