Radiance treatments

Radiance treatments

Tired face, dull complexion, grey complexion, poor complexion, are all signs of tired skin. Boost your skin's radiance for a fresh complexion and healthy glowing skin. Aim: a healthy glow!

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What is dull skin?

The symptoms of dull skin are a grey tinge to the skin, lack of evenness and a face marked by fatigue. These marks can include fine lines, shadows or dark spots on certain areas of the face. Exposure to the sun tends to make them darker.

Tired eyes and a "poor complexion", are signs that deserve to be taken care of by treatments dedicated to restoring radiance to dull skin.

Causes of a dull complexion

Poor sleep, winter temperatures, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and stress can all lead to dull and tired skin. Other external factors such as smoking, pollution or poor diet may also be involved. Asphyxiating particles found in the city load the exposed face with toxins and free radicals.

Cellular renewal breaks down, blood circulation slows down, impurities build up. All this amplifies the uneven quality of the skin and darkens your complexion.

How do you achieve a healthy glow?

To revive a dull complexion, you need to help your face restore its radiance with the help of a skincare routine adapted to dull skin and a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, re-establish good habits:

  • Regular and sufficient sleep
  • A healthy and balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Regular physical activity to oxygenate the tissues

In terms of treatments, here are the steps of a beauty routine dedicated to restoring a healthy glow:

  1. Always remove your makeup using the Micellar Lotion. In addition to removing eye and face makeup, this lotion cleanses your skin of pollution particles. It leaves the skin fresh and hydrated.
  2. Soothe your face with a fine mist of Thermal Spring Water Spray.
  3. For a full vitality treatment, use the Radiance Serum. Apply a few drops to your face in the morning and evening and massage in with circular motions.
  4. Revitalise and target your features with the . Its applicator tip allows you to fight the signs of fatigue around the eyes: puffiness, dark circles or fine lines. For a radiant look in the morning!
  5. Moisturise your dull skin morning and night with the Revitalising Nourishing Cream for dry skin. The latter is also available with a richer texture to suit very dry skin. This treatment is essential for boosting the skin cells and nourishing the skin with vitamins. In short: to free yourself of the signs of fatigue and make your face glow!

If your skin is combination to oily, opt for the Refreshing Mattifying Fluid to protect and energise it and fight the signs of fatigue. The complexion will be visibly clearer and more radiant.

Try a further two specific weekly treatments to regulate cell renewal and recharge your tired skin:

  • The Gentle Exfoliating Gel gently removes dead skin cells, smooths the texture of your skin and evens it out for a radiant face.
  • The Soothing Radiance Mask rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water and hydro-nutritive active ingredients frees faces from these imperfections, restores the complexion and makes it more radiant.

For the best results, apply them one after the other, at least once a week.

How can you use makeup to correct dull skin?

Correcting grey complexion can also be done with makeup. Here is some advice from our laboratories for a healthy glow thanks to makeup in a few minutes:

  1. Correct any unwanted shadows on your face with a . The yellow stick masks bluish dark circles while the coral corrector neutralises brown spots and the dark circles of tired eyes.
  2. Even out your face with a touch of Fluid Foundation Corrector. Thanks to its photo-correcting pigment complex, it subtly and naturally evens out and illuminates tired skin.
  3. Add the finishing touch with the Healthy Glow Mosaic Powder. Use the tip of a brush to apply a small amount above the Cupid’s bow and on the sides of the face to immediately brighten your poor complexion for a radiant, glowing finish.
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