French women out of 10 wear make-up

of women wear make-up for self-confidence

of French women believe that the priority when buying a beauty product is quality

1. Ipsos Beauty Track France

2. CSA Institute - Women's relationship with beauty

Far from the clichés of make-up intended to please others, women make themselves beautiful above all... for themselves. French women seem to be addicted to make-up, since 80% of them admit to wearing make-up regularly. 
But each case is unique and there are many reasons to wear make-up. Some want to smooth out their first wrinkles, others would like to look less tired, some want to hide a few small flaws while others simply want to look as natural as possible. 
Of course, each skin has its own specificities. Do teenagers wear the same style of make-up as 40-year-olds? How do I apply make-up if I have oily or dehydrated skin? Can I wear make-up if my skin is weakened by medical treatments? What if I have eczema or vitiligo? 
Feeling lost? There are many solutions available to you. Our commitment is to give you confidence by guiding you step by step, whatever your desires, and to guarantee you safe and quality products.



Better understanding your condition in order to take care of yourself

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Make-up according to your skin type

Sensitive, dry, acne-prone, atopic skin or skin weakened by treatments (for example, cancer treatments)... It’s not always easy to approach make-up calmly in these conditions. Many questions arise. This is normal. Can I use this or that product? How can I be sure that my make-up won't aggravate my skin even more? First of all, you should know that nothing prevents you from wearing make-up. If you adopt the right routine and the right products. Here all our tips.

Which make-up to use for your skin type?
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Make-up according to your age

Most women wear make-up from the age of 16. But nowadays they seem to start earlier and earlier. But between acne, dark circles, wrinkles, redness or skin spots, each age has its own specificities. Clearly, you don’t wear make-up the same way at 20, 30, 40, 50 or after 60. Let us guide you through the process.

How to apply make-up according to your age?
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Make-up, step by step

Even before applying make-up, you must prepare your skin. It must be perfectly cleansed and moisturised. Then, in what order should you proceed? Is it better to start with the complexion? And how can you hide those little flaws (pimples, dark circles, redness, etc.) that can quickly spoil your life? How do you make your eyes and lips even more beautiful? And make-up removal: is it a must or optional? Here are our tips, step by step.

All our make-up tips, step by step
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Make-up: stay on trend every day

Knowing the basics of make-up is good. Knowing how to adapt to life's unexpected events is even better. It's not always easy to look great when you only have 5 minutes to yourself in the morning. Or when your face shows the signs of your evening out with your girlfriends the night before. How can you adapt your daily routine to the changing seasons? And how do you apply make-up and still give the illusion that you're wearing none at all? Here are our tips and tricks.

Make-up: the trend is to go natural

Couvrance offers you high tolerance make-up that will adapt to all skin types – even the most sensitive and intolerant – for a natural result whatever the intensity of your imperfections.

Our mission is to give you lasting relief and restore your self-confidence.


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