Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream

Nourishes and offers high protection for hands dried out by external aggressors (wind, cold etc.).

  • Réparateur
  • Nourrissant
  • Apaisant
  • Nourrissons enfants, adultes

Moisturising formula for intense comfort.

Repairing, nourishing, soothing

Usable by Family

Age From 2 year(s)

Suitable Hands

Skin type Very dry skin - Dry skin

Made in France


Nourish and protect hands that are dry or damaged by daily aggressors, especially in winter (wind, cold)

Frequency of use

As often as necessary

Tips for use

Spread the Cold Cream for hands in the palms of your hands and then apply to the top of the hands with light massaging motions.

An expert tip

For very dry and/or irritated hands, apply by lightly dabbing before spreading gently.

Clinical results
Clinical results

Cold weather protection for the whole family, even in extreme conditions.

97%soft and supple hands immediately after application for 97% of users (tested in extreme cold conditions -25°C)¹
90%non-sticky and non-greasy texture for 90% of users¹
94%deeply nourished for 94% of users¹

¹Test conducted in Canada under extreme cold conditions on a sample of 31 people (% satisfied). At least two applications per day for 20 days.

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Some additional tips for soothing and repairing very dry and irritated hands. SKINCARE ROUTINE

Some additional tips for soothing and repairing very dry and irritated hands.


SKINCARE ROUTINE Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream
Thermal Spring Water Spray


SKINCARE ROUTINE Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream
Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream


SKINCARE ROUTINE Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream
TriXera NUTRITION Nutri-Fluid Lotion
Ingredients Ingredients

A synergy of nourishing and soothing ingredients to protect the skin of the whole family every day or in extreme conditions (cold, wind).

Cold cream


A traditional blend of ingredients derived from the French pharmacopoeia, this cream is composed of wax, fats and Avène Thermal Spring Water. It acts like cement to compensate for the sebum deficit in the hydrolipidic film and thus protect the skin from skin dryness.

Avene thermal water


Thanks to a unique mineral and biological characteristic, it has soothing, repairing and rebalancing properties.


Any concerns or questions? Our experts are here for you.

For small cracks, I recommend Cicalfate Hand Repair Barrier Cream. Its repairing and antibacterial agents will accelerate skin recovery Don't forget that washing with soaps can make these worse, so you should use a dermatological bar instead, such as our soap-free Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar, or even a lipid-replenishing cleansing oil, such as the one in the Xeracalm A.D. range, for intense dryness.

The amount of cream you apply depends on how dry your hands are. I can, however, tell you how to apply hand cream without getting greasy hands:
- Start by applying a small amount of Cold Cream Hand Cream to the back of your hands; it is a concentrated formula with strong nourishing power, usually a small amount is enough and you can always add more if necessary.
- Spread it between the backs of the hands and the backs of the fingers.
- Run the backs of the hands over the thumb-index joint of the other hand.
- Then between your fingers with your fingertips facing you (much easier).
- Finish with the palms of your hands.
With this technique, your hands will be well moisturised and protected but without the feeling of excess cream on the palms of your hands.

Here are two highly effective methods to put an end to this inconvenience: For both methods, apply Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream generously to your hands. Then either wrap your hands in cotton or silk gloves and sleep with them on, and in the morning you will notice a marked improvement. Or, for quicker action, you can wrap your hands in cling film and keep them warm under a blanket for one hour. Efficiency tested and validated! One last tip to increase the effect of these two methods. Start the routine with a compress of Avène Thermal Spring Water for 10 minutes, your hands will be less dry and the active ingredients in the Cold Cream will absorb better.

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Powerful water that soothes and calms.

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