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The virtues of Avène Thermal Spring Water

COMPOSITION The virtues of Avène Thermal Spring Water

Benefits that go back to the origins of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

To understand the reasons for its therapeutic properties, a vast research programme was launched. It is by going back to the origins of the Thermal Spring Water that scientists have begun to understand the reasons for its effectiveness.

In Avène, we are in the presence of inland water, coming from the evaporation of the seas. This pure water mixes with marine particles, becoming loaded with mineral salts, before falling back to a depth of -1500 metres in what is called the Avène impluvium at the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park. 


An original mineral heritage, a source of benefits for the skin

So why is it considered the water for all sensitive skin types? That’s because, by nature, it’s 100% pure and very low in minerals. Its pH is neutral and it has an ionic balance of bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, which is optimal for the skin's balance and tolerance. Its unique and unvarying composition of minerals and trace elements, as well as the absence of potentially irritating agents such as sodium and sulphur, make it the strongest ally for all sensitive skin types, even the most reactive and fragile.

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A specific biological heritage

From this ancient rock, the water does not only draw its mineral content; here it also meets a phenomenal bacterium named Aquaphilus Dolomiae, in reference to the water and to the Varved Dolomite, the rock from which the water draws its unique and invariable composition. This micro-organism is the source of the active substances that give Avène Thermal Spring Water its soothing, anti-inflammatory and repairing properties.

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Its purity and unchanging composition make Avène Thermal Spring Water unique and precious.

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An essential component for the skin

Its low mineral content – the lowest on the market – its Calcium/Magnesium balance, its richness in Silica and its variety of trace elements make it the essential treatment for all sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin types.

Today, more than 150 clinical and pharmacological studies attest to its effectiveness on skin sensitivity. It is regularly the subject of international publications for doctors, pharmacists and researchers in dermatology.

Discover Avène Thermal Spring Water


Neutral pH


2660 mg/L

Low mineral content

2660 mg/L

14 mg/L

Rich in Silica

14 mg/L

Low Sodium concentration

= 2

Ca2+/Mg2+ ratio

= 2

Wide range of trace elements

At the end of the thermal treatment, with the dermatologist, we saw a clear improvement in Milena’s skin. We are determined to continue the treatments at home until we return here next year!

ErikaMother of Milena, four and a half years old, suffering from atopic dermatitis
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The daily benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water

The Thermal Spring Water Spray allows you to enjoy all the naturally soothing properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water at home – completely intact. It can be used in all beauty routines and at any time during the day. To refresh your skin in the morning without dehydrating it, calm burning sensations from waxing or shaving, optimise the effect of your skincare creams, set your makeup, refresh yourself after a workout or when the temperature rises... There are many uses. But each time, you’ll find this incredible gentle, soothing sensation in all the care products of Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène.

Discover the effectiveness of Avène Thermal Spring Water


The virtues of Avène Thermal Spring Water for skin conditions

Thanks to its soothing, anti-irritating and anti-inflammatory properties, Avène Thermal Spring Water is recommended for skin conditions.

Used alone, as a complement to dermatological treatments or prescription treatments, it helps to soothe irritation, the after-effects of burns and itching caused by scarring, reduces undesirable skin effects after oncological treatments and those linked to localised acne treatments, thus significantly improving the quality of patients’ daily lives.


Reduced itching

medicated treatment + Thermal Water Spray¹.

medicated treatment by itself¹.

¹Multicentric study, 30 subjects with eyelid eczema divided into 2 groups, 9 allergo-dermatology centres. 6 sprays of 5 seconds/day for 7 days.
p &lt; 0.05 after 7 days.

I suffer from psoriasis on my elbows, legs and lower back. Before, the patches were inflamed and I scratched them a lot. The Thermal Spring Water worked wonders for me. In three/four days, my skin was no longer the same.

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