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Eczema of the abdomen and the back

Abdomen and back eczema is hard to ignore, as the itching can be so intense. It has a variety of causes and can set in as early as the first few weeks of a baby's life. We explain how to prevent and relieve it.

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How to recognise abdomen and back eczema

Do you have one or more red patches on your stomach or back? Are they so itchy that you feel the need to scratch through your clothes? There is a high probability that eczema is the cause of this itch. 

The red patches occur during a flare-up, but do you know what causes them? This is not a trivial question: it’s very important to identify the causes of abdomen and back eczema in order to relieve it properly and prevent relapses.


What causes abdomen and back eczema?

Are the patches very localised? On the chest, around the bellybutton, in the middle of the back? Then you may be allergic to substances in a cream, or to the nickel in your belt buckle or bra clasp. This is contact eczema: your skin is reacting to a specific allergen.

If, on the other hand, your skin is generally dry and sensitive and red patches appear on other parts of the body, it’s more likely to be atopic eczema. 

Contact eczemaAtopic eczema

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What can be done to relieve baby's abdomen and back eczema?

Abdomen and back eczema can start a few weeks after birth.

Infant eczema

In babies, abdomen and back eczema is most often atopic. The atopic skin is dry and hyper-reactive, with inflammatory phases during flare-ups. The patches are usually very red.

Eczema in infants

Take action every day 

Once you have identified the causes of your little one's eczema and followed the recommendations of your GP, dermatologist or paediatrician, you can take action to prevent further irritation, such as by cleaning and moisturising your child's skin with gentle products, choosing cotton clothes and reducing the amount of washing liquid used in each wash.

Children - Care and anti-itching tips

I put less laundry in the washing machine drum and use less washing liquid to make sure it rinses out thoroughly.



It’s possible to relieve eczema on the stomach and back during and between flare-ups.

To soothe your fragile and reactive skin, your doctor will usually prescribe a cortisone-based cream to be applied for a few days on the red patches, which are signs of inflammation. But to space out the attacks, the skin of the stomach and back must remain well moisturised on a daily basis. Regular use of an emollient will allow its protective barrier to be gradually restored.

Eczema - what treatments?

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Best practices for eczema on the abdomen and back

For the stomach, it's easy: after dispensing the emollient in your hands, spread it in large circular motions over the entire surface. For the back, you can also ask someone close to you to apply your treatment. 


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